Ton Kalle sculptures in stone

Ton Kalle
Nieuwe Hoogstraat 13 L
1011 HC Amsterdam
telephone +31 20 622 2704
mobile +31 652 44 6510


Born 23 - 12 - 1955, Terneuzen, NL
Academy ABV Amersfoort, NL,1982

I try to bring out the language of stone in its most elementary way. This raw material of mother earth needs to speak. It takes silence and simplicity. These elements are always present in my work.

Commissions 2000- -2005
Drents Landscape, Coevoerden. NL
The Well,
entrance Floriade park,
Busan Bienale, Busan, South Korea
Industrie, port of Amsterdam, NL

Solo Exhibitions 2000 - 2005
Gallery William Wauters Oost Eeklo, Belgium
Waterland museum, Purmerend, NL
Galery Dom Art, Rucphen, NL
Gallery Nine, Amsterdam,
Park ter Beuken, Lokeren, Belgium
Gallery Beupa. Berlin, Germany

Group exhibitions 2000 - 2005
Dom Arte, Rucphen, NL
Parc de sculptures le Besset, St Jeures d' Andeure, France
Art Fair Kunstrai, Amsterdam, NL
Interart gallery, Heeswijck-Dinther, NL
Amsteltuin, Amsterdam, NL
Residentz Hotel, Motzen, Germany
Kunstverein, Koblenz, Germany
Sculpture garden Surth, Koln, Germany
Jardin du Drulon, le Chatelet, France
K.I.C., Budelsdorf, Germany

Symposia 2000 - 2005
Marble in la Norma, France
Granit in Ciresey de Forette, France
Oberhaslach,Nideck, France
Granit Symposium Ichoen, South Korea
Emaar Symposium, Dubai, U.A.E.
North Art, Budelsdorf, Germany
Kercal, Comblain au pont, Belgium
Hartstein symposyium,Angermunde, Germany
10 th Aswan symposium, Aswan, Egypt